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Sunday, 04 May 2014 00:00

Loving and very supportive son and brother Mufti Hassan Jr. went home last month after long years of hard work and “sacrificing away from family ” as a medical technologist in Saudia Arabia and USA, where he is based right now. Right after his graduation from school (Universidad de Zamboanga former ZAEC Colleges), Mufti or Jun-Jun left Zamboanga City to work in Manila with one determination – support his widow mother, Hadja Rosalieta Hassan, and 6 siblings, Hadja Lilibeth Kiram, Rosemariebeth Selia Hasran Hassan, Lizbeth Fajardo, Evalyn Hassan, and Al-Shariff Hassan .  He took the role of his departed father Mufti Hassan Sr. as the main family provider.

Mufti found destiny of blessings with a rewarding career abroad and was able to help his family financial needs. He also supported his siblings’ education including several nephews and nieces. He gave them priority over his own future financial security.

Mufti celebrated his 50th birthday or golden year with an afternoon Saturday delight of thanksgiving party with close families and friends last April 19, 2014 (his real birthday is April17) at Garden Orchid. It ended with a sumptuous dinner after several emotional exultation and praises from family members and friends about him. Mufti also rendered several songs from his Broadway stint in Texas. A good dancer since his college days, he later developed his love for singing during his free time in the Middle East.  Mufti is also a pianist and used to participate in piano contests during his high school days.

And when he moved to Dallas, Texas, USA a few years ago, he was encouraged by new found American friends to auditioned in a play being staged, The Cats Musical Carousel Play, there. Mufti passed and was given the role of a 17-year old boy because he looks young.

To Mufti, God bless you with good health and happiness always! Stay good all the time.

By Tita corteza