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Friday, 09 May 2014 00:00

“Feisty, unapologetic, insomnolence and YES, controversial. Like most others, I started from scratch. I was kid back then trying to make it through this harsh world, and a much harsher fashion scene. But with the help of the Almighty, a mentor and off course, much hard work, I finally made it. I’m a fashion rebel which just mirrors my personality. I don’t think of things for the present, it always has to be in the future, which also helps me to be Avant-Garde. I’m a person who really wants to respect everyone and every culture, but unfortunately, I ended up breaking all the Taboos. I am most of the time a person enjouée, and I always make people laugh, but in the other hand, I fear crowds and most importantly, I love to surprise people.” – Rocky Gathercole , Metrovelvet 2011

This is the statement of Filipino fashion designer, Rocky Gathercole,  who is making a big wave in the fashion world of USA. He is the present-fave of Lady Gaga, Katty Perry, Beyonce, and Paris Hilton among others. He is also the one who makes the revealing gowns of Sarah Geronimo and Lani Misalucha.

Thanks to Mithi Aquino-Thomas, the beauty and brain of Jolo, Sulu who smitten the heart of former US Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas, Social Whirl got a wind of the recent fashion show of Gathercole in USA. Now Mrs. Thomas, Mithi is traveling around the USA with her husband who is now back in his mainland. She has been invited in different dignitary functions and has impressed Americans with her wits, glamor and elegance, Gathercole send Mithi a gown to be a special guest of his show last week.

Rocky Gathercole has taken part in the International Miami Fashion Week getting lauding reviews. He was invited to feature his collections in several fashion shows including in New York. The future holds no borderlines for fashion extraordinaire Rocky Gathercole and is starting to break in the wedding scene with some of the most unique and dazzling wedding gowns in the world.

An ardent, plucky, provocative fashion artist, Rocky Gathercole exudes his dazing ideas into his Avant-Garde designs. A highly aggressive fashion designer with a taste for the unalike, Rocky continuously stage inimitable works of art on the vogue runway. Rocky Gathercole has made a niche in Dubai and Saudi Arabia for more than 20 years now. And he has now brought his amazing and atypical designs back to the Philippines.

A second year high school only, Rocky started his humble beginnings in Pasay City, Philippines, and made a career move that would launch him further in the fashion world, he then moved to the Middle East joining Calash Haute Couture and quickly made great impressions that would turn heads by leading designers, models and artists.

Fashion works described by critics as “Outrageously eclectic to stunning... edgy,”“Moving art on the runway,”“Astonishing, a sight for sore eyes,” and “Schizophrenic… exciting work.”