Young, beautiful executive Camille Navarro – surprised at 25! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 May 2014 10:20

Young company executive and entrepreneur Camille Navarro never expected that she will be given a big surprise birthday party last April 22 when she turned 25. She thought it will be an intimate and sweet early dinner date with long-time beau Neil John Makasiar and family only.

But when he brought her to Manila Elks Club at Corinthian Plaza in Makati City later, she was astonished to see her whole family and friends singing a birthday song as they entered in. Camille cried tears of joy and hugged Neil, her mom Cory, her brothers, best friend Empress Shuck, and other people special in her life as they greeted her.

Camille said she was clueless about her engrande birthday celebration as she just planed in Manila from Thailand for a summer vacation with her family days before. Neil together with her Mom, best friend Empress Shuck, and others prepared a well-plan program. One of them is the skit transformation presentation of Camille’s life from grade school to high school. She was portrayed by her cute niece Margarette Celine Navarro and sister-in-laws wearing authentic school uniform (provided by Marjorie Leanna A. Kong) while sporting straight silky hair. Her brothers, Junie Navarro and Reymarc Navarro, sang her a song while doting and beautiful mom Cory delivered a very heartwarming message. Missed was her late dad Lando who already passed away. It was a night of dancing and singing full of laughter and joy.

The lovely Camille is presently the COO (Chief Operation Officer) of ZC Kings Manpower and Janitorial Services Cooperative. She is one of the instrumentals why their growing Zamboanga-based family enterprise was able to expand their business in Manila few years ago. Young as she is, she has been getting signed job order with top managers and snooty owners of big companies with success. She is noted to be sincere, dedicated, and focus with her work.

By Tita Corteza