Miss CMZ Nursing Service Office (NSO) – a beauty search with a TLC purpose PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 October 2014 00:00

I commend my fave hospital, Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (CMZ), for the successful staging of their 3rd annual year search of Miss Nursing Service Office (NSO). It was held last October 6, 2014 at the Astoria Plaza, Grand Astoria Hotel. The is an annual beauty contest of CMZ with a purpose.

Beyond the search of the most beautiful nurse of the hospital, the competition brought out their Talents (T), Love for the profession (L), and Confidence and Care (C) as shared by one of the judges to me. The 10 CMZ nurse contestants have to go thru the challenging criteria (production, best talent, best in nurse uniform, long gown, question and answer portions) that capsulized the TLC essence of the contest. It’s a beauty search with a purpose inside and out to bring out their best.

Everybody passed these phases making them qualified for the coveted crown but it was contestant no. 2 of the ICU department, Kenjilyn Uchida, who topped the total judges scoring sheets. First runner-up was Krista Ayara A. Cabaron (Ward E).  Followed by Krizzell S. Wee (Ward G) as 2rd place, Tessa Beth B. Gica (Ward H) as 3rd runner-up, and Jhoanna Jade O. Silorio (Hemodialysis Unit) as 4th place.

Now if only all our local female nurses have the TLC essence like the Miss NSO of CMZ, this would make our city the place of beautiful nurses inside and out. Congrats CMZ for continuing this search with a meaningful and inspirational purpose. Now, should they have a search for Mr. NSO also? (Photo credit to Dr. Norwin Detalla of Eye Opener Photography).

By: Tita Corteza