Beautiful 2011 Festival delas Bellas y Flores Print
Saturday, 28 May 2011 00:00

If you want to see pretty Zamboangueñas, don’t miss the Festival delas Bellas y Flores today at Paseo del Mar 5pm – the Santa Cruzan of Zamboanga City. This is the culminating activity of Zamboanga 2011 Summer Festival wherein young ladies of Asia’s Latin City will vie for the title as the Prettiest Señorita. There will be also a contest among local designers for the best in gowns that these pretty ladies will wear and a creative competition for the Most Outstanding Arco (Arc).

According to the pre-judging held yesterday at the City Tourism Office for the best in gown, there are around 5-7 local designers whose creations are really outstanding.  The gowns will be judged according to craftsmanship, concept and design, aesthetic appeal, and impact. Each inspired gown has a story to tell from how it was sewn, how the colors and clothing were chosen.

The Prettiest Señorita will be chosen according to the beauty of the face, physique, stage presence, poise and posture. The Most Outstanding Arco whose originality, creativity, craftsmanship, and impact are exceptional will get the judge’s nods.