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Friday, 21 November 2014 00:00

The new 40’s is 60. 40’s is the new 20. Indeed, when Jhoy Ko nee Lu, turned 40 last November 19 at Garden Orchid Hotel, she looked like a blooming woman in her late 20’s. Credit that to her loving husband businessman, Roland Ko. Not used to speaking before an audience, Roland publicly expressed her undying love to her. He said, they may be opposite apart in most things, what keeps them together is love and God. She was a beauty campus during her college days in Ateneo de Zamboanga University.

Jhoy, who is a banker at Banco de Oro Astoria Branch, is one of the most successful career women in this industry. With persistence and a go-attitude, she knows how to balance care and being firm. She is open to her clients, not always saying “Yes,” because it is not always good to agree when she knows it is not to their (client’s) advantages.  Because of this, they trust her when it comes to financial matter.

With a Chinese blood, Jhoy had a Chinese red motif, to celebrate her natal day wearing a blazing red Chinese dress chongsam. Red may be a symbol of wealth for Chinese, but for Jhoy, it represents the prosperity she is thankful for and for the coming blessings that will still come her way. Her husband, Roland, definitely agreed. Tita Santos, the amiable Mom of Jhoy, was busy attending to the guest hopping from table to table. She is very proud of her eldest daughter.

To Jhoy Lu, we wish you more blessings, good health, protection, and more love in the years to come!

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