It’s not goodbye... belllysisters forever PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 August 2011 00:00

It’s never easy to say good bye to your mentor specially if she became more like your best friend and a sister. Credible and trustworthy Atty. Helen Aguila-Flores, who is the regional director of the Commission of Election-9, has been assigned to Manila. While she was still here, Atty. Flores opened a dancing school, Positive Energy, to keep her physically fit and at the same time release the stress and fatigue that goes with the nature of her job. And it did help, because she has maintained her energy, beauty and youthfulness.

Her school concentrated in belly dancing and ballet. On the side, it taught also modern dances. It was here that she met the women and young girls of Zamboanga who became her wards. The women found to be a good confidante. They shared with her their joys in life as well pour their hearts out in times of sorrow and sadness. She became their best friend they can trust. She became their sister whom they can confide personal matters.

A best wish despedida was given to her by her belly dancing and ballet students at Zalo's Place last August 13. Her good friend Deputy Speaker for Mindanao Congresswoman Beng Salazar was the special guest of the affair. To Atty. Flores, we wish you the best and pray that our Lord will make you our Comelec Commissioner soon. You're the bellysister they will never forget and will always treasure in their hearts.