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Wednesday, 24 August 2011 11:07

Congratulations to the new officers of the Knhig of Columber “Caballeros de Colo”  of the Nuestra Señora Virgen del Pilar Assembly Can No. 1993 were installed into office last August 20 at the Crystal Ballroom of Grand Astoria Hotel. With the theme “God’s Love is Universal”, these God-fearing men committed to serve God with all their hearts.

Installed as the Faithful Navigator is businessman Jose Tan Jr. Inducted with him were Archibshop Romulo Valles as faithful Friar, VictorLiozo Jr as Faithful Captain, Alejandro Navato as Faithful Admiral, Tomas Guevarra Jr. as Faithful Scribe, Mario Cabanlit as Faithful Comptroller, Arturo Tolentino as Faithful Purser, Manuel Buen as Faithful Pilot, Rolanda Alba as Faithful Trustee 1 year, Nestro Miranda Sr. as Faithful Trustee 2 years  Teofilo Estero Jr as Faithful Trustee 3 years, Medardo Alido as Faithful Inner Sentinel, and Jose Pastor as Faithful Outer Sentinel.

Chairman on Patriotism is Ronal Ipac with Alfredo Camins as Chairman on Membership and Alvin Tahir as Chairman on Cermonials. They installed into office by SK District Master Crisostomo Lagare.

Special guest speaker was Zamboanga City Mayor Celso Lobregat who was introduced by SK Alvin Tahir. Awards of plaque of Apperciation and Certificates were given before SK Jun Tan gave the closing remarks.

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