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Friday, 23 December 2011 00:00

Happiness is a matter of simple choice as they say, and it is evident with a group of teachers and housewives of San Jose led by Betty Lou Chua Reyes. Calling themselves angels of Andy Enriquez of San Jose Gusu Chapel, they love to do things together as neighbors. They find happiness in doing simple things. Once in a while they take time off from their usual house chores or work and have fun together.

One common thing they love to do is dancing with Pidong as their dance instructor. Aside from the fun of doing it, they find it as a form of physical exercise that helps them release stress and be healthy. They like to call themselves dancing queen moms.

And usually every Sunday after attending a Holy Mass, they go to their neighbor house, Atty. Joe Go, to give him communion since Joe only hears mass on TV. He is undergoing dialysis and is in a wheelchair due to physical weakness. His wife, Maritess, is a gracious host and one of the prime movers of the group. They pray that Joe will recover soon.

Last December 19, they had a colorful Hawaiian Theme Christmas party at the Go’s residence. Aside from the exchange of gifts and bingo game, they had creative talent contests. They had contests for the best Christmas tree using matchsticks and the best bridal gown using newspaper. The top three best in Hawaiian dress were give recognition too.  

These San Jose women went home happy and smiling. It was a wonderful 2011 Christmas party for them. Here are their happy pictures.

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