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Thursday, 30 August 2012 00:00

What is admirable with members (called Knights) of the Knights of the Columbus they go beyond the call of their duty as men of integrity and spirituality. They show it also in different activities they conduct to show the love of God through them.

Last August 26, this is just what the illustrious Knights of the Columbus Fr. Alfred Paguia Council 3362 did at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Immaculate Conception.  They conducted a mass blood donation in coordination with the local Zamboanga chapter of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC).

This humanity activity is noble because it encourages people to donate massive blood one time in one place. Not only convenient, it makes more blood available in the local blood bank of PRC. When there is a need of whatever type of blood, it will be readily available. And this is crucial to save lives of people. No need to go out in search of blood when one needs it badly.

And for donors, it helps them also because by donating blood one cleans the body blood system. New fresh blood cells are produced. It also help checks one’s health status. One will know if your health is okay if you donate blood. So, you see, it works both ways. The donors and the recipients will be benefitted.

Thanks, K of C, for saving lives of people.

By Tita Corteza

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 August 2012 14:49