Born a great servant and a leader developer – Cong. Erbie Fabian PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 11 September 2012 09:38

As he celebrates his 55th birthday tomorrow, Social Whirl greets and wishes Zamboanga City District 2 Congressman Erbie Fabian a continuous public service in the years to come. I have known Cong. Erbie for the longest time compare to the other media people, and he has never changed since the day I met him. He has remained humble and prefers to work silently for the good of the people of Zamboanga City. He prefers to be a servant first then lead his constituents to be good leaders so they will be more independent and liberated.

Though he had a successful career in media, he has never abused this medium for his politic career. People in his district had seen and felt his numerous projects and activities through practical and decent means.  No political dirty tricks for him.

When he declared to run for City Mayor next year he said he is putting forward the interest of the people over his political ambition and will continue to serve for the betterment of the city. The pious congressman reiterated that he has put God in the center of his activities as public servant. 

Not known to everybody, Cong. Erbie has numerous programS and projects. Among them are farm-to-market roads, barangay multi-purpose covered courts, bridges and overpass road bridges.  They link barangays together, making possible the delivery of goods and services from one area to another and to the city proper. These infrastructures also give the people opportunities to meet together as members of a community, through trying or happy times. People from all society class come to him for assistance and help.  The farmers received seeds, fertilizers and farm implement; the fisher folks got seaweeds trimmings and fishing gears. Hundreds of unemployed folks through TESDA programs are being given livelihood trainings.

For the education sector, he continues to give priority to school buildings, gymnasiums, school fences, school stages, distribution of computers, speech laboratories, and scholarship grants to indigent but deserving students.  In coordination with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the National Commission of Indigenous People, he supports indigent college students in their aim to acquire quality, tertiary education coming from local tribes like Badjao, Yakan, and Sama.

His Think Health Program is promoting healthy lifestyle, well-being, proper sanitation and balanced nutrition among the constituents of the second district through medical missions, feeding programs and medical supplies and equipment distribution. And his office has teamed up with the Philippine National Police and Task Force Zamboanga to bring a refresher course to the different Barangay Intelligence Networks (BINs ) and their tanods in facing real threats and dangerous situations in the community.

As a sportsmans, he has supported different sports games in this city and is the leading public official in developing our local Zamboangueño athletes.
And as our congress representative, he is the chairman of the committee in government enterprise and privatization and a co-chairman or a memebr of important congress committees. He has authored for the protection and preservation of our natural environment,  sought fundings to improve Zamboanga Medical Center and Zamboanga International Airport , supported bill to prohibit public and private hospital from requiring post graduate nurse to pay hospital work experience, upgrade minimum salary of public school teachers among others. There are many important legislative acts and laws, he has passed and supported to improve the lives of the Filipino people as a whole that we are not all aware of yet.

By Tita Corteza