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Friday, 09 November 2012 09:22

I was inspired when a group of Zamboagueňos arrived recently from their pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Unlike other trips abroad, whether for business and pleasure, a visit to Israel, the birth place of our Lord Jesus Christ, is beyond descriptions I learned.

Led by Fr. Andy Barcelo, parish priest of St. Joseph Church, a group of 45 with the youngest at 3 years old and the eldest at 74 were able to join this trip. Almost a total of 2.3 million tourists visit the place I was told. And yes, it is safe to go over. No report of tourist being robbed or hurt there.

This trip had given the answers to many of their spiritual questions about Christianity. They saw and felt the true to life experience of the Son of God. They saw not only His birthplace, but also walk the path of His crucifixion. They literally followed the footsteps of Jesus Christ, some found the journey a way to get closer to God, and discovered in awe the roots of Christianity.

The Holy Pilgrimage trip unites people in Christ and in faith they commented.It was an uplifting and moving spiritual experience for those who had this blessed opportunity of travel.They said it was a heavenly feeling that inspired them to praise the goodness of God all their life.

With today’s world problems (spiritual, moral and financial problems), visiting the Holy land reconnects us to the source of all good things in this world and that is God.

By TitaCorteza