Bidding good-bye to a good man, a loving husband, caring father, and thoughtful friend - Engr,. Eleucadio “Cading” Ruste PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 11:47

Respected and admired Zamboangueño Engr. Eleucadio “Cading” Ruste will be buried tomorrow. Founder of the successful construction firm, RCDG, Cading was well-liked by everybody in this industry. Solid and firm workmanship were the testimonies of his construction work from buildings, houses, roads, and bridges. He was not only able to mentor his two sons to greatness, but many engineers and workers who had worked under him too. He was a very generous man particularly for the needy.
> Bur what I like to share to my readers today is how Cading  was as a loving father and caring father to his five children. I am the best friend of his wife Santa and we are like sisters. We share with what’s happening in our lives. And I can proudly say Santa is the wind, the strong wind, beneath his wings. That is why he was able to soar up in his business. He took care of the business; she took good care of their children.  He was a very good provider. He produced two son engineers, Boboy and Rowel, and three daughters, a doctor, Dr. Anna Lissa Ruste-Chan, a lawyer, Atty. Bambi Ruste-de Leon, and Allen, who works as Chief of Staff of Congressman Erbie Fabian.

Despite Cading’s very busy schedule, he took time for his children. They love to travel together as a family. This I can say is what made their bonding as a family stronger.

We will be missing your many birthdays and company to come, Cading. Thank you for all the good memories, kindness, laughter, and fun. Don’t worry, God will take good care of your family, children, and grandchildren. You taught them well.

Tonight, there will be Necrological Mass at Claret Parish Church. Tomorrow at 2pm will be Cading’s interment at Lund’s Memorial Park.

By Tita Corteza