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Saturday, 24 August 2013 00:00

In a few months, it will be Christmas. And the on-going August Houseware Sale at Budgetwise is just the right time to check which of my housewares need replacement in time for this important season of the year.  Part of serving good food for me is to have a quality cooking wares which I am glad Budgetwise is giving everyone a chance to own at big discounts. When I went there a few days ago with my husband, a good son of my friend was there also buying for his family.

One of my secrets of staying active in my age is cooking for my husband. Marketing, preparing the ingredients, and cooking are forms of exercises for me. It is important for me to use good set of cooking wares to enjoy this household chore. And I advise people should use reliable housewares that guarantee safety in cooking and are safe for our health.

There are many unknown brands at a very low prices coming out in the market today. It is very tempting to buy them but my experience taught me that they are not worth it. They rust easily though it is marked as stainless. I am not sure what quality of components they are made of.  I hope our local DTI Office (Department of Trade and Industry) in coordination with DOH (Department of Health) will check all housewares being sold at the market are really safe for  use.  We have read of cancer causing housewares proliferating in the market and we ought to know which brand is safe for our health.

From high quality Sunnex Kitchenwares, Budgetwise August Houseware Sale is offering other imported and well-known brands like Arcosteel, Rondell, Casley,Magefeed, Happy Cook, Beem, Wolfgang, Reverem Barazzoni, Dessini, Cuisinart, Ballarini, Calphalon, and Geithaner. They are guaranteed to last and make cooking (as well baking) an enjoyable house chore.

I learned from the attentive Budgetwise sale clerks that this August sale offer is one way for Budgetwise to thank their customers up to August 31 and not to dispose of old stocks. Aside from groceries, this sales event will inform the general public that Budgetwise Supermarket has also a complete range of high quality and safe to use household items at affordable prices, they chorused.

By Tita Corteza