Welcome to the Christian World, Russel! PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 November 2013 09:35

One of the happiest grannies last November 2, 2013 was my good friend Nenie Marcos-Abendan when her youngest and third grandson, Russel Aldren Agan-Abendan, was baptized at the Edwin Andrews Airbase by Fr. Canty Muñoz. Like any other loving Filipina Lola, Nenie is taking good care of Russel whose parents are working abroad.

Reception was held at the Astoria Regency. Spotted special guests were Dra. Mila Fernandez, Dra. Rosemary Jamco, Dra. Gay Gonzales, Mila Arieta and son Raymond, the Albrecht family, the Agan family, Cheong family, Pilar Molina, and some close PNP personnel. It was a simple affair to welcome cute Russel to Christianity.

By Tita Corteza