“Iron Lady “ - Pilar de Guzman celebrates 83rd year PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 December 2013 13:17

Pilar de Guzman, the loving wife of the late Zamboanga Custom Officer Marino de Guzman, celebrated her 83rd birthday yesterday (December 1) at her humble abode in Tugbunngan. It was a simple and intimate party with her children and grandchildren.

One of her grandchildren, Fred Covarrubias, explained why they call their Lola Pilar – the Iron Lady. She raised well 12 children with discipline and love. Tough with a soft heart, that what she is. Fred said with her multitude of grandchildren, she can have 2 basketball teams complete with coaches and cheering squads.

Raising a dozen children and apos in her house was always a challenge but she was able to tow always them in line. Fred said she always share her wisdom. He vividly remembers that every time he wakes up in the morning by her side, she whispers these words, “be somebody.”  The same words he hears from his Mom too. These words gave him self-confidence to be successful in life, he claims.

Another thing, she is called the Iron Lady is her strong personality of being independent. Whenever she gets sick and not feeling well, she will call a tricycle and confines herself alone in the nearest hospital along bringing her favorite pillows.  Lola Pilar does not want to bother her children and make them worry. She pays the hospital bills from her own savings. No arguments or reasoning can win over her if she feels that she is right.

Her birthday signals the start of the Christmas season for the family. Everybody greets Merry Christmas after greeting her Happy Birthday.  To Lola Pilar,  more healthy years to come!

By Tita Corteza