DepEd Secretary orders no collection of graduation fees PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 March 2014 11:17

Education Secretary Armin Luistro has warned that no personnel from the Department of Education is allowed to collect graduation or any kind of contributions.

In DepEd Order No. 9 issued on Feb. 23, 2014, Luistro emphasized that In line with the government’s austerity program, (DepEd reiterates the following policies:

a. Graduation rites should be simple but meaningful affairs which encourage civic rites, sense of community, and personal responsibilities. While these rites mark a milestone in the life of the graduates, these should be conducted without excessive spending, extravagant attire, or extraordinary venue;

b. Non-academic projects such as attendance to field trips, film showing, JS Promenade and other school events, but not limited to these events should not be imposed as requirements for graduation;

Public Schools only

c. Expenses relative to the activity should be charged to the school Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) under the 2014 Budget;

d. No DepEd personnel is allowed to collect any graduation fees or any kind of contribution;

e. Parents and Teachers Associations (PTAs) may give donations in cash or in kind; and

f. Contribution for the annual yearbook, if any, should be on a voluntary basis.

Luistro  said the graduation rites should be conducted in an appropriate solemn ceremony befitting the graduating pupils and students with their parents, and shall not be used as a political forum.

Under DepEd Order No. 9, the 2014 graduation rites will have the theme “Hindi Natitinag ang Pusong Pilipino”. It  highlights the resilience of the Filipino spirit amidst the calamity faced during the school year. It also celebrates the ability of the Filipinos to triumph over these challenges. It is scheduled on March 27 or 28 2014 as stipulated in Enclosure No. 1 of Deped Order No. 10, s.2013.

However for schools in which school year has been extended due to natural and human calamities, graduation rites shall be scheduled based on their respective revised school calendar.