Baby perishes in Guiwan fire; blackout is the culprit Print
Thursday, 13 March 2014 11:04

A three-month old baby girl perished in a fire that razed a house in Sampaguita Drive, Guiwan Tuesday night.

The fire broke out during a blackout wherein the baby girl’s mother, Sheila Kasim y Ihanda, 32, married, lighted a candle and placed it inside their bedroom around 7:30 p.m.

It was learned that Sheila went out of the house leaving the baby together with her other children.

Few minutes after when Sheila came from a store, she saw their house in flame.

Hurriedly she tried to save her baby girl but failed. It was too late for her to go inside the house because the flames were consuming that structure.

The baby girl named Sheena Mae was trapped inside the burning house.

The charred body of the baby was recovered after the fire was placed under control.

It was learned that Sheila’s other children managed to rush out of the house but failed to bring the baby.

Initial investigation showed that the curtain on the door to the bedroom came into contact with the lighted candle that sparked the fire. — Dan Toribio Jr.