Public market continues to make modest profits PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 21 March 2014 11:18

The main public market and other economic enterprises except for the abattoir, continue to make profits despite the challenges besetting the city.

City Administrator Antonio Orendain Jr. said the main public market, Sta. Cruz market and Bagsakan center have been making profits since 2002 and never did it occur for these enterprises to be losing investments.

“The expenditures of these economic enterprises are taken from the income accrued during the year. You can see if the establishment is making profit or in deficit by looking at the income minus the expenditures,” Orendain, whose office oversee the operation of all economic enterprises.

Citing records from the City Treasurer’s Office, Orendain revealed the income, expenditures and profits made by the main public market as well as Sta. Cruz market and Bagsakan center from 2009 to 2013.

In 2009, the public market made a profit of P5.05 million out of its actual income of P16.32M with expenses worth P11.33 million. In 2010, it made P6.68M profit out of the P18.51M income with expenses worth P11.82M; in 2011 it made P2.9 million profit out of the P17M income minus P14M plus expenses and in 2012 it made P1.7 million profit out of the P16M income minus the P14M plus expenses.

For 2013, despite the September siege, the public market had a profit of P586,032.000 out of its total P15.5M income minus the P14.9M expenses. “Our income went down but still it is not losing,” the city administrator said.

Orendain also cited the increase in expenses as the cause for the decrease in profits and these expenses included the hike in salaries of employees and the terminal pay and other personal benefits for retiring workers.

“I cannot understand why some people are saying that the market and all other economic enterprises are losing,” Orendain said. “Baka ta puede sila mira el targets or estimates del market. The estimate is not the income, what is important is the income against the expenses”.

He admitted though that the income and profit of the City Abattoir in San Roque fluctuate every year. For 2009, the abattoir made a P1.9M profit with income pegged at P5.5M and expenses pegged at P3.5M; in 2010, it registered a deficit of P383T with an income of only P5.8M and expenses pegged at P6.2M; in 2011, it recorded a deficit of P455T; in 2012 it made a profit of P8,154.00 while in 2013 it made a profit of P1.7M.

Orendain said the income of the abattoir is affected by the numerous franchises granted to private slaughterhouses per ordinances approved by the City Council.

“But as a whole, our main public market and the Sta. Cruz market are not losing but are making modest profits. Even during the siege, we still made profits. But for the slaughterhouse we admit, its income and profit are fluctuating”, Orendain stated.

He also clarified that the operation of the City Coliseum is not under the jurisdiction of the City Administrator’s Office and that it is not an economic enterprise but a revenue institution.

Aside from the main public market, the Sta. Cruz Market, the Bagsakan Center, the cold storage and the slaughterhouse, the City Administrator’s Office also oversees the operation of the Paseo del Mar, Jardin Maria Clara, Plaza del Pilar and Plaza Pershing. — Sheila Covarrubias