Amok hacked dead after killing 6 people PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 21 March 2014 11:19

A man said to be suffering from mental illness was hacked dead after he hacked and killed six people in Sitio Santilan, Labangon, Dumingag, Zamboanga  del Sur Wednesday morning.

Renie Otao, Arnatis, married, of Barangay Macasing, Siayan, Zamboanga Del Norte, was wandering on foot with bolo and later appeared at the house of the Emoc family where he attacked the occupants.

Killed in the attack were Merlita Emoc Y Langubon, 27, Junrey Emoc, 7, Merlyn Emoc,  Nak-Nak  Emoc, 4,  spouses Samuel Anligis Y Langubon, 57, and Presciosa Anligis, 59.  Lito Anligis, 29, was wounded in the same incident.

Police said Arnatis, reportedly a mentally deranged man, was walking aimlessly from his residence armed with a bolo when he broke into the house of the Emoc family where four members of the family.

Arnatis left the place and proceeded to another house in where he attacked Samuel Anligis and wife Presciosa and a relative named Lito Angilis.

Police said Lito was able to defend himself by hacking and killing Arnatis.

Lito Angilis sustained hacked wounds on the diff parts of his body and was rushed to an emergency hospital in Ozamiz City. — Dan Toribio Jr.