Lawmen check vehicles, people entering Gensan PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 24 March 2014 11:27

Troopers from the General Santos City Task Force and the Police Regional Office 12 have adopted strict checking and monitoring of motorvehicles and people entering the city

Occupants of motorvehicles entering the city through  the different entry and exit points are required to alight so that the police and military can double check them and their motorvehicles.

One observer said the double checking of the motorvehicles and passengers is patterned after the strict policy adopted by the Davao City Task Force and ordered implemented by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to ensure that people entering in the city are checked and monitored well.

Another observer said the checking of passengers and their disembarking from the motorvehicles is a good move to prevent crminalities and terror acts..

Gensan Mayor Ronnel  C. Rivera said that the checking of motorvehicles and passengers in his city is part of a list of security measures intended to make the city  off limit to criminals.

Rivera appealed to his contituents to help law enforcers, particularly the police and military,fight and combat lawlessness and criminalities.

“ They can send an information thru the different numbers of the government  posted in the different streets of the city if there are suspected lawless elements or criminals in their barangays. Without the help of the people. The police and military will not be successful in combating lawlessness and criminals,” Rivera said. — Allen Abastillas