Another man shot dead in drug infested Recodo PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 25 March 2014 11:21

A man was killed in another drug-related gun attack in drug-infested Barangay Recodo Sunday night.

A police report identified the fatality as Anuar Musa, 35, of Purok 6B, Recodo.

Musa, according to the police, was shot by Alvin Sahi and Anuar Himing using a .45 cal. pistol. He sustained gun shot wounds in the body and died on the spot.

Recovered at the crime scene were five empty shells and two deformed slugs.

The victim was believed to be smoking shabu when he was shot as evidenced by the several drug paraphernalia recovered in the place where the incident happened.

Last March 15, an alleged drug pusher linked to the big-time drug syndicate of Margani Samla alias Bin Ladden, was shot dead in Recodo.

Joey Estrada y Bacatan was shot by Eddie Undug, according to the police.  He sustained two gunshot wounds in the body and died on the spot.

Police said that Estrada was having an affair with the wife of Samla identified as Aida Samla.

Estrada was at Aida’s rented house when Undug appeared and shot him twice.

When Estrada fell on the pavement, Undug was aided by a certain Anwar Saraban who picked his Estrada’s body and dumped it some 50 meters away from the house.

Both Undug and Saraban escaped after the incident, according to  the police.

Police said Aida had been supplying shabu to Estrada and both were selling shabu to drug users who come to Recodo to buy them.

During ocular investigation, policemen recovered a sachet of shabu from Estrada’s pocket.

It was learned that Estrada had been jailed on drug charges few months ago.

Samla is presently detained at the city jail after he was nabbed in an island in Basilan last year.

Samla is infamous in the city as one of the “drug lords” operating in Recodo. He had been linked not only to the selling of drugs but also to some killings in the area. – Dan Toribio Jr.