City Council to help ZCFD acquire more firetrucks, other equipment PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 29 March 2014 11:03

The City Council through representation made by Councilor Percival Ramos has invited and asked Zamboanga City Fire District (ZCFD) Fire Marshal, F/Supt. Dominador F. Zabala, Jr., on the various issues and concerns in administrative and operational aspects of the Zamboanga City Central Fire Station and all other 15 fire sub-stations in the city’s east and west coast barangays during its regular council session last Wednesday.

During the session, Zabala reported 27 actual structural fire incidents and 3 bush fires recorded from January to March 25 this year as against last year’s 12 fire incidents, which indicates an increase of 150 percent.

Zabala said the ZCFD was renamed recently as Zamboanga District Central Fire Station (ZDCFS) and its original seven fire stations were also converted into fire sub-stations, complementing eight other active sub-stations making a total of 15 fire sub-stations with a total strength of 226 personnel composed of 7 officers, 218 non-officers and one non-uniformed personnel.

The ZDCFS Fire Marshal also told members of the City Council that based on the latest city’s official 2010 NSO population of 808,129, the current total number of personnel of 226 translates to 1:3,571 fireman to population ratio which is far below the ideal (per international standard) ratio of 1:2,000 and the figure fell short of approximately 44.05 percent or about 178 personnel which is very importantly needed to complete the standard manpower requirement of 404 and to fully serve the entire area of the city under their station.

Zabala also reported that damages to properties brought about by fire incidents this year totalled to P7.607 million which is 648% higher as against P1.209 million in the previous year.

He also reported that as of this date, the ZDCFS has a total of 22 water-carrier/pumper fire trucks of various types/capabilities, three special type or non-water carrier fire trucks/apparatuses, two EMS/Rescue Ambulances and two service vehicles.

However, five pumper fire trucks, one special type apparatus and one paramedic van were out of order, including the two units of recently acquired Foton firetrucks detailed at the Central Fire Station and Sta. Maria Fire Sub-station which has been observed to be frequently encountering breakdown and malfunctioning since its acquisition last May 2013 and one firetruck is on-going general repair.

He added that four other units are already scheduled to be generally repaired anytime this year with funding coming from their Central Office of the Bureau of Fire Protection.

The ZDCFS Fire Marshal has recommended for the procurement of additional 10 fire trucks to fully augment their existing firefighting capability, procurement and issuances of additional Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE), procurement of additional 15 units of handheld radio with 15 extra battery packs and the allocation of funds for the immediate repair of dilapidated fire sub-stations in the Barangays of Tetuan, Sta. Maria, Ayala, Talisayan, Vitali, Quiniput and Mercedes.

“The past two months and 25 days, from January 1 to March 25, this year, has been a challenging period for the Zamboanga City Fire District (ZCFD). Both in the administrative and operational aspects and while the office still beset with some problems, it has managed to discharge its duties and functions very satisfactorily and fulfill the expectations of the general public in the city,” Zabala said.