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Monday, 31 March 2014 13:44

The Golden Crescent Achievement Awards 2014 have been bestowed again by the Golden Crescent Consortium of Peace Builders and Affiliates (GCCPBA) in partnership with the University Student Council of Western Mindanao State University.

After undergoing series of screenings and deliberations as well as interviews last month, the Screening Committee decided to award the three sets of awards to graduating high school students in Zamboanga City.

Golden Crescent Achievement Award for Academic Excellence was given to Class Valedictorians who have excellently gave their best in academics throughout their four-year stay in their respective schools. Vested with an automatic award, the following were awarded during the schools’ Commencement Exercises: Aburquez, Therese Marie B. (St. Joseph High School),  Mangga, Danny Boy G. and Ibañez, Andrea Bonife R. (ZCHS MAIN), Maghanoy, Sheena (Talisayan NHS), Enriquez, Kim John I. (Baluno NHS), Banong, Joseph B. (Sangali NHS),  Sarahadil, Jurmina (Lubigan NHS), Toledo, Vyrsace  Lyka S. and Alama, John Paul B. (Ayala NHS), Urao, Fatima Azni Y. (Southcom NHS), Lim, Charles Kent (Recodo NHS), Revantad, Ruth Ann S. and Calibo, Justine Kate D. (ZNHS-WEST), Villanueva, Rhonna Mae  (DPLMHS), Magsino, Eric Frazad A.  (Regional Science HS), Juaini, Fatima Sherraine (ADZU), Guevarra, Christian Q. (ZION), Tabon, Jennilisa               (RMHS), Danica DG. Aliñabon (WMSU ILS), Nadzwa J. Kasim (Arena Blanco NHS), and Donna Faith Romero (MCLLNHS).

Several students who represented the country in various activities with international opportunities were awarded with the Golden Crescent Achievement Award for Leadership -Founders Choice. This award is a special award automatically given to student leaders who attended international gatherings and gave honor to the country. The following are this year’s awardees: Esguerra, Noryn Jane M., Abibul, Fatima Irene O. and Nurhassan, Adzhar (ZCHS-MAIN), Fernandez,  Rizza Angelie L. (ADZU) and Al-Rayyan I. Ibrahim (WMSU ILS).

The Golden Crescent Achievement Award for Leadership is significantly given to outstanding leaders who professed leadership as an important element in nation-building and more specifically in building back a better Zamboanga. This year’s recipients include Alcala, Joseph Williams (St. Joseph High School), Gunot, Nimra (Talisayan NHS),Rojas, Marvin F.(Baluno NHS), Ismael Nor-ana I. (Sangali NHS), Barahim, Alhamdi A. (Lubigan NHS), Orias, Arnyl A., Askali, Arden H., Estrada, Jerome B. and Ta?o, Bianca Isabella D. (Ayala NHS), Salazar, Aidine A. and Mas-oud, Hanna M. (Southcom NHS), Sanguenza, Viben (Recodo NHS), Rodriguez, Devine Grace T., Manuel, Acsah Joyce C., Quijano, Charlotte  (ZNHS-WEST), Ali, Rhaidzsal A. and Tolentino, Denzell (DPLMHS),  Kue, Aira Alyssa  U. (Regional Science HS), Napii, Amir Matolo          (ADZU), Tibayan, Christian R. (ZION), Tardo, John Paul F. (RMHS), Sharifa Jolina L. Abil (WMSU ILS), Shehana L. Sulaiman (Arena Blanco NHS) and Giovanie G. Perez (MCLLNHS).

The Golden Crescent Achievement Award for Leadership was established in 1970 by Prof. Ali T. Yacub, Al-Hj aimed at recognizing outstanding Muslim students in selected schools in the city of Zamboanga. It is awarded annually to students who are chosen by duly composed committees, following specific criteria or guidelines.

The first two original participating institutions were the Zamboanga A.E. Colleges High School Department and the Zamboanga City high School (Main). However, the ZAEC High School ceased operation in 1991. At present, the following schools who are the recipients of the Award: ZCHS-Main, Zamboanga National High School (West), Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School, Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College High School Department, the Zamboanga A.E. College now Universidad de Zamboanga- Technical High School and lately, the ZION Evangelical School and Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology Laboratory High School, as well as Hansel and Gretel now Ferndale Zamboanga International came March of 2010. However, the year 2000, the distinction for “Muslim students” has been removed to allow students from the other faiths to participate in the Award.

The prevailing condition of so much hatred and violence in the world today prompted the donor to revise the concept of the award.The award is envisioned to contribute to the cause of peace as well as the creation of the culture of peace. In this connection, thereof, the awardees must focus their energies in the promotion of peace in their school and communities, thereby, contributing to the peace of the country in particular and the world in general.

Through the years, the founder, on his own effort funded these awards which benefitted many students to this day.  Now many of them are leaders of their community; exemplifying the philosophy of these awards in their daily activities.

The year 2010-2011, the Golden Crescent Achievement Award has reached its Ruby (40th year) anniversary. The founder thought it wise that he relinquishes some of the awards obligations and responsibility to the organization which he himself had organized the Golden Crescent Consortium of Peace Builders and Affiliates, as the Consortium’s annual project. The youth who are the beneficiaries of recognition are appropriately bestowed the honor during their year- end academic activities.

Prof.Yacub however still retains the honor of being the donor of the medallions for which he has been bestowing since 1970. Nonetheless, this does not mean that kind-hearted individuals are prevented from becoming donors/benefactors of these awards.  In fact, Golden Crescent Alumni are encouraged to be co-sponsors of medallions which are annually bestowed to the chosen recipients.

Over 100 graduating students applied for this year’s achievement awards from various secondary schools in Zamboanga City. After the successful deliberation and interview process, the Committee had decided to award the recipients of the 2014 Golden Crescent Achievement awardees.

The members of the Panel include the following Prof. Ali T. Yacub, Al-Haj (Founder and President), Engr. Aldrin Bucoy-Abdurahim (Over-all Chairman), Kag. Al-Jihan Edding (Barangay Kagawad), Prof. Amyra S. Mohammad (WMSU-CSM Faculty Member), Prof. Alrashid Jama (WMSU-CCJE Faculty Member), Engr. Al Urao (Special Envoy for Rehabilitation), Mr. Mumar Ibbin and Ms. Janelle Ensamtan (Alumni, Golden Crescent Achievement Awards). — Aldrin Bucoy-Abdurahim