19-yr-old woman caught dumping new-born baby PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 02 April 2014 11:22

A 19-year-old woman is in hot water after she was caught dumping her new-born baby at a vacant lot in Canelar last Sunday afternoon.

Police identified the mother as Janine Marie Quinquito. She was confined at a hospital.

A police report disclosed that Quinquito boarded a tricycle in Canelar carrying her newly-born baby and told the driver to drive towards a vacant lot in the same barangay.

When they arrived at the said vacant lot, Quinquito alighted from the tricycle, walked a short distance and later returned to the tricycle. She told the driver to take her home.

However, the tricycle driver noticed that Quinquito was not bringing her baby anymore.

When Quinquito arrived home, the tricycle driver returned to the vacant lot and found the newly born baby abandoned thereat.

The driver took the baby, brought it to the barangay hall of Canelar and reported the incident. The police.was also notified about the baby.

Women investigators proceeded to the house of Quinquito. She and her baby were brought to the hospital.

Quinquito was confined for continuous bleeding and high fever. – Dan Toribio Jr.