Application for City’s scholarship program ends on April 30 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 April 2014 11:28

Poor but deserving high school graduates wishing to avail of the city’s academic scholarship program have only until April 30 to submit the requirements.

The City Human Resource and Management Office (CHRMO) under Dr. Jane Bascar has enumerated application procedures and other requirements for interested applicants given the time frame for the start of the enrollment period for the next school year.

Under the approved Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of City Ordinance No. 332, as reinforced through Memorandum No. 001-2014 of the Local School Board (LSB), public/barangay high schools are designated to submit to the CHRMO the list of their graduating students who belong to the top 25 of the graduating class.

Moreover, public/barangay high schools are also responsible for the issuance of the necessary application forms and other basic requirements to qualified applicants as furnished them by the CHRMO, and the transmittal of accomplished forms and requirements to the LSB through CHRMO.

Enacted in 2008, City Ordinance No. 332 grants poor but deserving high school graduates who will pass the program’s stringent qualifications and requirements the opportunity to receive an educational assistance of P5,000 per semester for four (4) years should they enroll in a public tertiary school within the city.

The entire amount will be deposited to the tertiary school where the scholar is enrolled in. If the educational assistance should exceed the school tuition and miscellaneous fees for the semester, the balance shall be given to the scholar in cash for his/her other school needs.

Due to the availability of funds, the city allocates an initial scholarship for 100 students per school year. Hence, Dr. Bascar reminds hopefuls, not everyone will be accommodated.

To ensure that only those truly qualified may apply for the academic scholarship program, public/barangay high schools should conduct the initial screening of applications.

Aside from the scholastic qualification, a prospective scholar must pass the college entrance examination in a public tertiary school in the city. S/he (or if minor, his/her parents) must be qualified voters of the city.

The applicant or any of his/her siblings must not be a recipient of any other scholarship or educational assistance from the city, or any government or private entity, except when such education assistance is in the form of deductions to tuition fees as a result of their exemplary academic standing.

S/he must be a resident of the city for at least four (4) years of continuous stay prior to his/her application, and must possess moral integrity and character with no criminal or derogatory record or charges of drug dependency.

Finally, his/her family’s combined income shall not exceed the poverty level as determined by the LSB based on the recommendation of the National Economic and Development Authority.

If one possesses all the aforementioned qualifications and decides to apply for a slot in the program, s/he must submit the following basic requirements to the concerned public/barangay high school: a certification from the public high school where the applicant graduated within the top 25 of his/her class; a pro forma application form; a certified/authenticated copy of the applicant’s Birth Certificate; a copy of the applicant’s Report Card/Form 137 (Secondary Education); a certified true copy or authenticated copy of the result that the applicant has passed the college school entrance exam of the public tertiary school he/she intends to attend; a copy of the voter’s identification card of the Comelec or a Comelec certification that the applicant, or if minor, both his/her parents are registered voters of Zamboanga City; a pro forma affidavit in a prescribed form provided by the LSB attesting that the applicant or any of his/her siblings is not a recipient of any other scholarship or educational assistance from the City, or any government or private entity; police clearance of non-derogatory record; a certification from the Punong Barangay attesting that the applicant is a resident of the said Barangay in Zamboanga City for at least 4 years of continuous stay prior to his/her application; and a certification from the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) that the applicant’s total family income does not exceed the poverty level.

The city’s scholarship program was established to provide competent and intelligent students of the city the opportunity and means to finish their education. — Claudine Uniana