Valesco explains stand on proposed 3rd district PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 31 March 2011 16:45

“I am not against the proposed 3rd district but would only want to see that respect should be accorded Congressman (Erbie) Fabian and Congresswoman (Beng Climaco) Salazar as well as to the people of the barangays who will fall under the proposed District 3. And until such time that no proposed reapportionment be presented to the council, I cannot support the move telling and directing Fabian and Climaco to file a bill in Congress.”

Thus said Councilor Gerky Valesco in a press statement issued yesterday in reaction to a resolution presented by the minority bloc in the City Council asking Fabian and Climaco to file a bill in Congress for the creation of a third congressional district in Zamboanga City.

The said resolution was junked by the majority blic in the local legislative body.  
Valesco said the Council should respect Fabian and Climaco and the barangay officials, and the people whose barangays will be reapportioned to the different districts.

“In 2008, when we (Council) voted in favor of the passage of the resolution supporting the creation of a third district, we acted after we had initially met Cong. Beng Climaco and asked her plans and visions and after we (Council) have been furnished the proposed delineation of barangays in the three districts. There were three versions, one coming from the office of congresswoman Beng Climaco, the academe and one from the civic sector. There were three versions submitted to us, for our actions,” recalled Valesco.

He said while he voted in favor of the previous resolution, he cannot vote in favor now, “if these concerns which I cited (like proposed reapportioned of the barangays and districts) are not yet in our hands for study and verification to also see if the barangays that may fall under District 3 are amenable. We should also respect the stand, the sentiments of the people through public consultations.”

“Let us respect Cong. Ebie and Cong Beng. They deserve basic courtesy of appeal. We cannot just tell them to file. We should not dictate them what to do. All the Council can do is to respectfully request Beng and Erbie to study in tandem the creation of the 3rd district,” said Valesco in his press statement.