City sets traffic scheme, liquor ban in Abong-abong PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 April 2014 11:29

To ensure a solemn and orderly observance of the Holy Week, Mayor Beng Climaco has ordered the implementation of a traffic rerouting scheme and the prohibition of liquor including bladed weapons and firearms at the Climaco Freedom Park in Abong-abong, Pasonanca from April 16-19.

These directives to the police are contained in Executive Orders (EO) 47 and 48 issued April 10 after the mayor convened a meeting with the police and military and other stakeholders to finalize preparations for the Holy Week. Both orders will take effect 6pm April 16 to 6am April 19.

For years now, thousands of Catholic devotees flock to the Mayor Cesar C. Climaco Freedom Park in Abong-abong, Pasonanca for their Lenten devotions. And so to guaranty law and order in traffic flow and movement of people and to ensure somberness as people reflect on the passion and crucifixion of Christ.

EO-BC- 47 prohibits the bringing, sale and drinking of liquor and other intoxicating drinks, bringing of audio/video equipment and playing of loud music and the bringing of firearms, bladed weapons and other similar items within the Mayor Cesar C. Climaco Freedom Park in Abong-abong, Pasonanca.

The police are directed to confiscate and dispose immediately all prohibited items. Violators are to be conducted to the police station for investigation and filing of appropriate charges or imposition of fines.

EO BC-48 on the other hand, orders a temporary rerouting scheme on roads leading to the Mayor Cesar Climaco Freedom Park and declaring the said park as walk-in park for the duration of the Holy Week.

Specifically, the road leading to Pasonanca Dip from its junction with the road leading to Pasonanca Elementary School up to the entrance of ZCWD motorpool and Luyahan Housing Project will be maintained as a two-way street. However, said road from the entrance of ZCWD motorpool leading all the way to Km. 6 at the entrance to Abong-abong is declared “one way” but motor vehicles coming from the ZCWD motorpool may either turn left to the swimming pools and exit at Pasonanca road (Jardin Maria Clara) or go all the way up to Km 6 and turn left to Pasonanca main road in going to the city proper.

Also under EO-48, the Climaco Freedom Park is declared as one way from the entrance at Km 6 Pasonanca leading to the park via Carmen Valley up to exit at the junction of Pasonanca-Abong-abong-Murrok Road and Pasonanca-Abong-abong-Tumaga (Luyahan) road except residents of Carmen Valley and Km 7 with vehicle passes issued by the barangay chairman of Pasonanca are permitted to enter/exit at the entrance of the park at Km 6. Private motor vehicles and motorcycles to include PUJ with franchise Pasonanca-Abong-abong may enter the freedom park and to exit at Pasonanca-Abong-Abong, Tumaga (Luyahan) road.

The road leading to the “Cruz Mayor” at the park is absolutely no entry to all motor vehicles including bicycles and pedicabs.

No structures for commercial purposes shall be constructed on said road from Station 1 leading to Cruz Mayor. However, the barangay together with the police will designate an area for such structures where it will not obstruct or impede the flow of traffic and pedestrians.

Pedestrians are encouraged to use the covered walk at Km 6 leading to Km 7 to avoid accidents, based on the EO. — Sheila Covarrubias