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Monday, 21 April 2014 13:05

The City Tourism Office invites kite-fliers in the city to register for the annual kite-flying competition on May 3 and vie for the top prizes.

The deadline for registration of entries is on April 30, 2014.

The competition is divided into two categories: the Traditional/Flat Kite category and the Figure Kite category. The traditional/flat kite is a 2D or two-faced kite that comes in any shape while the figure kite is a 3D kite with a theme and comes in realistic shapes.

Participants may register more than one (1) kite to the competition and may choose any material (paper, cloth, or any similar light material such as wood, bamboo, etc. and metal connectors) for his/her entry. Inexpensive materials are also encouraged.

Official entries must carry the city government’s seal sticker provided by the organizer.

Kites for each category will be made to fly in groups and participants will be provided assistance by marshals during the launch. Each shall be given a 5-minute launch period and a retry for failure to take-off. However, kites that will fail to take-off after the retry will be disqualified from the competition.

A kite that gets entangled may be flown again with clearance from the organizers.

The kites will be judged according to the following criteria: Design – 30% (15% for Artistry and 15% for Uniqueness); Ease of flight/take-off – 35%; and Gracefulness – 35%.

The prizes for the three major winners in each category are P5,000, P3,000 and P2,000, respectively. Both first prize winners will also receive a trophy each.

In addition to the top prizes, three special awards will also be handed out per category: Bulador del Pueblo (Favorite of the Crowd award), Chiquiting Bulador (smallest flying kite award) and the Jumbo Bulador (biggest flying kite award).

The Kite-Flying Competition is one of the highlights of the city’s Festival de Verano. It will be the opening salvo for Juego de Antes, an activity that will allow older generations to relive their childhood through traditional games they once enjoyed.

Juego de Antes will run for three Saturdays (May 3, 10 and 17) and will feature games such as kadang-kadang, sack race, tumbahan lata, shatung, Limbo Rock, Tug of War, Gerry Base, domino and tubigan.

Interested parties may get their registration forms at the City Tourism Office, Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City or call 992-3007. — Claudine Uniana/ City Hall PIO