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Tuesday, 22 April 2014 11:33

The annual Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Southern Cruise forms part of the tradition to recruit only the best, brightest and fittest applicants for the military service.

Maj. Sonny Gonzales, PMA spokesman bared this during Monday’s press briefing in City Hall, as he encouraged young Zamboangueños to grab the opportunity of studying at the premier military institution in Asia.

Gonzales is in the city as support staff to the PMA Class 2017 that is undertaking a  4-day Southern Cruise in Zamboanga from April 20-23. The class is composed of 195 cadets, 4 of whom are natives of Zamboanga.

The Southern Cruise, according to Gonzales has various goals, foremost of which is to enhance knowledge and awareness of the cadets on the different units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The activity is also intended to enable the cadets to engage with stakeholders and taxpayers who are responsible for the PMA scholarship; enable cadets to learn the diverse culture of the people in places that they visit and finally for the cadets out to different communities so people could see them not just in television but also in person.

Furthermore, the Southern Cruise is a PMA marketing effort aimed to increase number of applicants or prospective students.

Gonzales said the PMA has a quota of 350 cadets  yearly, however the academy falls short of the number as many fail during medical or physical examinations.

“We encourage Zamboangueños to take the PMA entrance examination,” Gonzales urged saying the exams is being held on the last Sunday of August at the Western Mindanao State University (WMSU), the accredited examination center in Zamboanga City.

Meanwhile, the PMA spokesperson said hazing is not tolerated in PMA. “We, in PMA, we really strictly implement the “No to Maltreatment Policy” and we really adhere and respect the provisions of the Human Rights and the International Humanitarian Law,” he explained.

Gonzales also conveyed his sincerest appreciation to Mayor Beng Climaco for the warm welcome accorded to the PMA Class 2017 to Zamboanga.

“On behalf of the Superintendent of the Philippine Military Academy Major General Oscar Lopez, Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Commandant of Cadets, Colonel Rosano Rodriguez, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Local Government of Zamboanga headed by our Mayor for the warm welcome and the hospitality accorded to the Philippine Military Class of 2017,” ended Gonzales. — Francis Sadaya/City Hall PIO OJT