Shelter interventions for IDPs underway PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 April 2014 11:36

The decongestion of the R.T. Lim Boulevard continues with IDP families opting to avail of the different temporary shelter and relocation options offered by the City Government as it constantly pursues shelter interventions.

In his presentation during the regular press briefing at City Hall Monday, April 21, Dr. Elmer Apolinario, head of the temporary shelter cluster, stated that 77 families, or around 389 individuals, from the RT Lim Boulevard have transferred to the elementary schools of Mampang and Arena Blanco, while others have opted for the Balik Barangay and Balik Probinsiya Programs of the government.

“We have not met resistance, because what we are offering are better alternatives to their present situation in the area [in RT Lim],” he said, adding that the different shelter infrastructures lining the Boulevard stretch is gradually being cleared.

However, there remains around 400 non-IDP families who have taken to living in the Boulevard area along with real IDPs. These families were given 5 days until Sunday, April 20, to relocate before the City Government will take action.

For the remaining IDP families awaiting transfer, Apolinario enjoined them to stay put and avoid moving their tents to the vacant areas in Boulevard to prevent confusion.

Meanwhile, interventions for both temporary and permanent shelters are slowly gaining ground. For temporary shelters, site preparation for the Masepla site in Mampang is currently on-going. Once completed, the Masepla site has the capacity to host 360 families.

Additionally, 200 more rooms and 10 bunkhouses will be constructed by the International Organization on Migration (IOM), but according to Apolinario, the Local Inter-Agency Committee (LIAC) will still have to meet to discuss the potential areas where these temporary shelters will be built.

For permanent shelters, authority has already been given to the local government to proceed with preliminary site preparation in the areas of Sta. Catalina, Kasanyangan, and Arena Blanco.

“We have already forwarded the documents to our City Legal Officer for him to prepare the necessary legal documents to allow the government to go into the area and do the site preparation,” said Apolinario.

These documents will also be forwarded to the National Housing Authority (NHA) for their information and action. — Jasmine Mohammadsali