4 female store employees seek justice for alleged maltreatment PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 14:05

City Legal Officer Jesus Carbon has advised four female store workers who complained that they were allegedly maltreated by their foreigner supervisor to seek legal action for them to get justice.

In an interview with DZT yesterday, May-An Palacio, 21, married, of Sta. Maria, Mary Mhae Rebollos, 20, single, of Tugbungan, Jenelyn Opendoreyes, 22, of Balinsungay, Mercedes and Janice Estopia, 26, of Tumaga, all employees of Makers Shop Center, said they have already filed a formal complaint with the police against Aaron Dy, Makers store supervisor.

Palacio said she was five months pregnant last February when she suffered miscarriage due to over fatigue.

She said that despite her condition, Dy told her to carry heavy baggage.

Palacio said while she was lifting big cartons containing store items she felt pain in her womb.

Aside from that, last February 19 she was brought to their warehouse few kilometers away from the store along Gov. Camins Avenue.

She said she rode a motorcycle driven by Dy who was driving very fast despite the rough road.

Palacio said that Dy avoided police checkpoints because he has no driver’s license.

Palacio further revealed that when she arrived home she suffered from continue stomach pain until the following morning she had a miscarriage at home that prompted her husband to rush her to the hospital.

In Rebollos’ complaint, she stated that Dy punched her on the right shoulder while she was doing her job inside the store last February 6 around 2:30 p.m.

Opendoreyes, on the other hand, said she filed a complaint against Dy for hitting her with half pair of shoe in the head at noon time last February 26.

Estopia in her complaint said that Dy struck her with fist blow last March 3 while she was also performing her job in the store.

Aside from the four, 17 others also reportedly experienced similar maltreatment but they were already dismissed from their job.

The four workers have already brought the matter to the Public Attorney’s Office where they executed a joint affidavit of complaint.

Last Monday morning, they went to RMN Zamboanga and poured out their grievances during an interviewed with Gil Climaco.

Yesterday they went to City Hall and met Atty. Carbon who encouraged them to continue their fight.

The complainants further said they were only receiving P100 per day.

Other government agencies like the Bureau of Immigration and the Department of Laobor and Employment as well as the City Council have vowed to look into the complaints of the four women.

Thew immigration bureau said it will check into the status of Dy, to determine if his presence or stay in Zamboanga City is legal or illegal.

DOLE Regional Director Sisinio Cano said that maltreatment of the employees is a serious violation fof the Labor Code.

He said he will look into this case. – Dan Toribio Jr.