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Saturday, 26 April 2014 11:27

Underlining the importance of education in development and in the upliftment of families, Atro Mining-Vitali,

Inc. (AMVI) makes literacy program a major component in its Community Development Program (CDP) to help the government address the literacy problem at least in Vitali District, this city.

Mr. Francis Malones, AMVI Community Relations and Development Officer (CRDO), said education is one of the major components of the company’s CDP.

“We are putting high premium on education because of its importance in inculcating and moulding the minds, values and characters of the youth which are necessary in uplifiting families and achieving sustainable and equitable development,” Mr. Malones explained.

Alongside Education, AMVI’s CDP also include sustainable livelihood, livelihood training and development, manpower technical skills training and development, sports and youth development, support for socio-cultural-religious development, community support, health and sanitation, community environmental programs and infrastructures.

The Mining Act of 1995 requires all holders of Exploration Permits or a Mineral Production Sharing Agreement or Financial or Technical Assistance Agreement in the Exploration Stage to develop and implement a CDP which implementation shall be supported by a fund equivalent to a minimum of ten percent (10.0%) of the budget of the approved two years Exploration Work Program.

Mr. Malones revealed, the company has been supporting the Madrasah in Barangay Taguite in a form of allowance for their ustadz (teacher) so that they can continue with their Educational Programs. Madrasah is the Arabic word for school.

Barangay Taguite is one of secondary impact barangays identified by the company.

Aside from the support to the Madrasah in Barangay Taguite, AMVI has also extended educational assistance to the Day Care Center in Camp 147.

“AMVI provided chalks, eraser, notebooks and pencils to the students,” Mr. Malones said.

AMVI also extended educational assistance to Sta. Fe Elementary School in Sitio Sta. Fe of Barangay Vitali by renovating the school and provided chairs, blackboard, eraser and chalks for the school,  Malones further revealed”.

The company also provided the school signboard of Tagpangi Elementary School and has donated seedlings to the school for the tree planting program of the school.  AMVI also donated the sports uniforms of Vitali High School during their sports programs.

Last year, the company launched its first Poster Making Contest to the different schools of the Vitali District with the theme “Responsible Mining in Agricultural Lands” and the winners of the contests were given cash rewards. The winning posters are being used by AMVI in its 2014 calendar and were distributed to residents of Vitali.

“The company is planning to institutionalize its literacy program through an Adopt-A-School scheme,” he said.

The Adopt-A-School Project is a project which will adopt a certain school in order to focus its attention in the development thereof and attempt to deliver much needed school assistance in terms of providing a better school, teacher support, provision of supplies and equipments and other necessary supports to the school and students to make the project successful, he explained.

Meanwhile, AMVI will also fully support Vitali National High School in its quest for the honor of representing Zamboanga City to the Sepaktakraw Competition during the Philippine National Games 2014 this May, 2014 at Ultra Stadium, Pasig City.  The company will support all the needs of delegates to the competition as it believes that sports development is vital in molding the youth through physical fitness and creating healthy lifestyles by staying away from drugs and other vices as well as to bring honor to Vitali.

For the past three years, the company has been implementing its CDP religiously and it has tremendously helped the Vitali community, the Community Relations Officer said.

Aside from the Educational Programs, it has assisted in the renovation of several chapels during their Fiesta celebrations; renovated mosque in Taguite and Limaong; supported Barangay Vitali in its Fiesta and Dia de Vitali celebrations; donated garbage drums; donated seedlings for tree planting; planted trees for reforestation programs; conducted medical missions on a regular basis; donated bloods during the Philippine Red Cross blood-letting programs; provided defogging of Vitali during the dengue outbreak in Zamboanga City;  assisted the community during flooding by providing foods and also construction materials to affected residents; assisted Vitali residents during emergencies, death and burials; provided foods during Zamboanga siege; cleaned-up esteros and Vitali River; constructed farm to market roads; rehabilitated Tagpangi-Campo Uno Road; renovated the Vitali Police Station; renovated the NICA firing range; and other significant projects. — AM