Unfair, soldiers say on survey tagging AFP as ‘most corrupt’ PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 April 2011 11:12

Philippine soldiers see the recent Pulse Asia survey tagging the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) as the most corrupt government agency in its latest survey as unfair and uncalled for.

In a press statement, Maj. Emmanuel Canilla, group commander of the 6th civil relations group of the AFP, said that while they believe in institutional reforms within to strengthen the armed forces, the Pulse Asia survey’s attribution to the entire military institution as “most corrupt” is unacceptable just because some of its former officials were implicated with corrupt practices.

Canilla emphasized that the accusation thrown at the entire institution rests only on a few officials who took advantage of the opportunities that the system failed to protect.

“Hindi lamang sila ang bumubuo sa sandatahang lakas ng Pilipinas,” Canilla stressed, saying that the armed forces include the many soldiers out there who put their lives at risk and at constant danger, sacrificed to be away from their families in order to protect the country and its citizens from harm.
He said that tagging the entire institution as “most corrupt” is tagging these very same soldiers as equally corrupt. “This is not fair to our soldiers who are loyal to the country and are doing their sworn duties.”

The official however clarified that the institution is open to positive criticisms as this will help the organization to improve and eventually strengthened.

And in this respect, the soldiers call for an intensive investigation on the former officials of the armed forces implicated in the controversy and allegations of corruption.

“We too want to find the truth of all these allegations, because in the first place we were also victims of these alleged corruption,” Canilla said.