Zamcelco president hits NEA observer PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 09 May 2014 11:32

Dr. Efren Wee, the National Electrification Administration (NEA) observer in the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco) Board of Directors, may face perjury charge in connection with the controversial procurement of modular generator sets, Zamcelco President Omar Sahi said during an emergency meeting at the coop’s Board Room the other day.

Sahi raised a question whether Lin Man Power Technology, Inc.,(bidder) can still participate in the bidding process for the modular gensets interconnections and allegedly Dr. Wee walked out during the deliberation.

Sahi based his opinion about possible perjury charge against Wee on the latter’s relation by consanguinity to Jovita K. Yeo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of Lin Man Power Technology, Inc., the losing bidder on the procurement of P624 million worth of modular gensets.

The  coop had declared Camec-JCB to NEA as the winning bidder.

“Quiere lang yo manda sabe cay el NEA Representative (Dr. Efren Wee) na Board is related to the owner of Lin Man, el losing bidder... Familia se sila,” Sahi said in the dialect.

He said based on the Omnibus Certification in Item No. 8 which stipulates “ that Lin Man Power Technology, Inc., or any power officer or director is not related to the chairman, president or any member of Zamcelco’s Board of Directors or to any member of the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC)”.

“That’s a case of perjury, cay familia se sila aquel pirmao CEO/President, amo se ta ase gulo aki” Sahi said.

Sahi said NEA Supervisor and NEA OIC-GM had left Zamcelco, but Dr. Wee has remained as NEA observer.

“Porque pa se (Wee) talli?  Cay si Piamonte (NEA Deputy Administrator) yan extend disuyu appointment aqui.  Porque ele ya puede negosya con Piamonte? Por delikadesa usa disuyu cabesa,” Sahi  asked.

Sahi also revealed that Dr. Wee and Piamonte were classmates in the former’s student days.

The coop president also blamed Piamonte on Zamcelco having no electric meters until now for member-consumers to apply for their electric lines.

He said a bidding was conducted for 10,000 electric meters and the coop had recommended the number one lowest bidder.

“Piamonte opposed the recommendation and until now he is insisting the number three bidder with a difference of P1.8 Million with almost the same specification. Cay si hinde amo el specification, hende kame recomenda. Porque le recomenda el numero 3 bidder,” Sahi asked.

“Maga hente ta reclama cay hasta aura nuay kame metro de coryente...Cosa kame dale? I hope sabe ustedes cosa ta pasa na Zamcelco,” Sahi said. — Monch L. Follosco