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Wednesday, 06 April 2011 16:11

Mayor Celso Lobregat yesterday addressed the 2nd Commencement Exercises of the Talon-Talon Naional High School with 223 graduates.

In his message, Lobregat described the school as an institution which the city government under his administration has envisioned, conceived, nurtured, cultivated and continues to develop.

He said the school’s first graduation program last year was the realization of a dream of the residents of Talon-Talon, who clamored for the establishment of a secondary institution to make education accessible to young students in that part of the city.

“Today’s historic event likewise seals our administration’s commitment to the principle of providing high quality education to every Zamboangueno,” Lobregat said, adding the school’s second graduation program was “a testament to our continuing and unrelenting advocacy to education.”

“You and the youth are the most important force in our society because you represent the future. As such, our administration will never get tired of supporting and assisting the education sector for giving you relevant guidance and providing you the necessary facilities are monumental endeavors to attain a more progressive and developed city of Zamboanga,” he told the graduates.

He pointed out that education continues to be the top priority of the city government and in a bid to better prepare the youths and students for the real world, the city government is investing much in education.

The Talon-Talon NHS, he said, is one proof of his administration’s regard to the education of the children.

The late Mayor Ma’am Caling in 2000 started the initiative to establish the school, but she did not live long enough to see the fruit of her brainchild. It was only in 2006, due to sound fiscal management, that the city government was able to fully realize the project and since then, the school has expanded and improved by leaps and bounds.

“From an idle property before, this site, as you can see, is now a flourishing and bustling school campus. The present administration under our stewardship continues to complement the innovative and forward looking vision of Ma’am Caling,” Lobregat said.

To the graduates, Lobrega said, “You are now on the thresholds of college.  Many of you have already decided what route to take, while others may still be having difficulties picking a future.  But do not fret out because this is a natural reaction.”

“It is human nature to be apprehensive of what lies ahead.  The uncertainty of the future can be very daunting because you do not want to make life-altering mistakes.  If given the choice, I think most of you would choose a life perfectly planned out from birth, if only to escape from the possibility of making wrong decisions,” the mayor said.

“Yes, life would be easier if we know exactly what would happen.  But that is not life; that is not living as living means growth derived from the choices one makes and their consequences,” he added.
“When I was your age not so many years ago,” Lobregat told the graduates, “I also did not know what would become of me 10, 30, 50 years into the future.  I never thought, not even in my wildest dreams that I would get involved with politics– first, representing the city at the House of Representatives and later as mayor of our beloved Zamboanga, Asia’s Latin City.  But here I am now serving my third term as the city’s chief executive.”

Similarly, he said, when his late mother, the much loved Maria Clara Lobregat, witnessed President Manuel L. Quezon signed the proclamation declaring Zamboanga a chartered city,  “she too did not know she would follow her father’s footsteps and become first a congressional representative then the city’s first and only lady mayor.”

“Nobody among you truly knows what the future holds, but that is all the more reason to work harder to prepare yourselves to become individuals of character and with great potentials,” he told the graduates. — Vic Larato/City Hall PIO