Alavar seeks inquiry on SPDA property in Vitali PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 April 2011 16:19

Making his first major act in the City Council, newly-proclaimed Councilor Mike Alavar III of District 2 presented during a regular session yesterday a formal manifestation for the Council to conduct an inquiry on the status of the Southern Philippines Development Authority (SPDA) in Barangay Vitali.

Alavar told the august body that as per observation and study his office have made, the SPDA property especially the fishpond remain unproductive or underproductive for many years now.

Alavar said he has found out that the SPDA area in Vitali is vast such that if fully developed again, it may become one of the biggest site for inland fishery production in the city. Likewise it may provide full scale business, employment opportunity and training privilege to the residents.

“The situation of the fishpond to date defeated the very objectives of the SPDA to bring economic opportunity to every community,” Alavar said when he presented his formal manifestation on the matter.

Alavar asked the august body to submit his manifestation to the committee concerned so that it can conduct a study on the real status of the said property; the possibility for the city government to manage it, or for the city to enter into a memorandum of agreement with SPDA purposely for the city to enhance production of the same; or perhaps for the city to enter a MOA with the SPDA for the said purpose mentioned above and with the Zamboanga State College of Marines Sciences and Technology.

The young councilor stressed that the said school has the expertise to develop the property and to make it productive.

Alavar also observed that the ZSCMST is renting a fishpond for their students and if his manifestation will gain positive result, the school can avail of the fishponds of the SPDA.

He further said that Zamboanga City might become the next Dagupan City if realization will come into this matter.

Veteran Councilor Abdurahman Nuño reacted to Alavar’s manifestation saying that it was a laudable move in bringing the matter to the City Council.

After presenting his manifestation, the august body referred it for inquiry to the Committee on Agriculture under the chairmanship of Councilor Rey Candido.

Alavar added that whatever positive result will take place, many residents will benefit out of the SPDA property. — Dan Toribio Jr.