Lim blames NEA for power mess in ZC PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 10 May 2014 11:28

Former three-termer District 1 councilor and now Zamcelco Vice President Rudy Lim has criticized the National Electrification Administration (NEA) for its inability to solve the power crisis in the city and in the entire Mindanao.

Lim made the criticism during the Zamcelco Board Special meeting early this week.

“The inefficiency in addressing the power supply in the city and in Mindanao and the people are suffering. We can’t give what we do not have. NEA has to be blamed in all these mess,” the former alderman of San Jose Cawa-Cawa said.

He said NEA is deciding everything from the procurement of modular generator sets to the coop’s procurement of 1,000 units of electric meters.

“They are (NEA) too slow to decide, they are giving us modular gensets but with incomplete accessories like interconnections and working capital. Now they are deciding on whom to  award as far as the procurement of 1,000 units of electric meters against our recommendation (lowest bidder) with a difference of P1.8 million,” Lim said.

“Do you think they are concerned for the people in Zamboanga City and Mindanao?” Lim asked.

Meanwhile, the president of the Industrial Group of Zamboanga, Inc. (IGZI),Arriel Onesa, is strongly supporting Zamcelco’s recommendation for the procurement of generator sets except for the interconnections and other itemized needs open for re-bidding.

“Our stand will be to support Zamcelco to get along not to rebid the gensets but to rebid only the interconnections,” Onesa said.

He said their group is not happy about the bidding process as they were not able to identify the “apple-to-apple” comparison.

“Hende man over price pero expensive on the winning bidder, but we are already in this stage that we need power,” Onesa said. — MLF