Brownouts, killings make life miserable in Zambo PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 11 May 2014 13:49

As six-hour brownouts rage, unsolved killings also continue to pester the life of the much-touted “Asia’s Latin City”.

A woman killed May 9 in another gun attack that adds to a growing list of unsolved killings, reports said.

Conflicting reports identified the victim as Madzbas Basilio Almendras while Councilman Vincent Paul Elago said the identity of the woman was Madelyn Basilio. Another report said Almendras and Basilio is are the same woman.

“Sad but for those who asked about the shooting incident at Guiwan Jumbo Bridge vicinity, the victim’s name is Madelyn Basilio, 31,of Don Alfaro Street. Authorities are currently investigating the case,” Elago posted on his Facebook account.

The details and motive of the killing are still unknown, but gun attacks are not uncommon in Zamboanga City where most of the killings have been blamed on guns for hire who are actively operating here.

“This city is fast-becoming a wild west where human life is cheaper than that of the animals,” a tricycle driver, who asked to be identified only as “Eddie”, said in local dialect.

The tricycle driver said he grew up in the city.

“I grew up here and it saddens me to see things as they happen daily,” Eddie said wryly.

Late last month, a Muslim woman, Sitti Hanna Manolo, 23, was murdered in Sangali. Manolo’s body bore stab wounds and was discovered by villagers.

She was last seen on April 25 walking along the old Sangali barangayhall together with two unidentified male companions.

Last year, a lone gunman also shot and killed a 28-year old woman Sheenalyn Gregana in Recodo. Gregana, who lived in Zambowood was shot in the face.

“Another problem that we are suffering now is the daily brownout,” Eddie added.

The city is experiencing 6- to 10-hour brownout daily.

What is appalling, another tricycle driver who said his name is “Jose”, is that “the city officials are doing nothing to solve these problems.”

When Mayor Ma. Isabelle Climaco-Salazar came into power in 2010 elections, Jose said “we had high hopes then”.

If this situation will go on, he believes many businesses and investors will leave the city which will “result to more unemployment”.

“Right now, living in the city is difficult and is getting more difficult with the situation we are in,” Jose said.

Asked what the city government should do, the two tricycle drivers were unanimous in saying “the city mayor should solve these problems and invite more investors to come in so that more jobs will be created.”

They said, “instead of discouraging the coming in of new businesses and investors, the city government should find ways for them to set-up new businesses here.”