No extortion in case against Sangali fishing port officer PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 13 May 2014 11:08

Assistant City Prosecutor Nicolas L. Apolinario has issued an Inquest Resolution for the filing of a case of simple Grave Coercion against Noel Zamorano, operations officer of the Sangali Fish Port, and not robbery extortion that was first prematurely reported by some officers of the Sangali Police Station.

Zamorano told Daily Zamboanga Times that the Prosecutor’s office found no evidence as to the accusation of extortion by complainant Oliver Burlas against him.

It has been further discovered from records of the Sangali Fishing Port that Burlas is no longer a stall owner within the premises and he has a P38.000  unpaid account with the port office,

Evidenfly, according to Zamorano’s lawyer,  this was the cause of the complainant’s anger against his client as the latter wanted him to first pay his account with the port office and then re-submit his letter of intent to rent the same stall.

“Contrary to the rules, the alleged complainant Oliver Burlas wanted the stall outright for himself without paying his account. And after Mr. Zamorano was ordering him to pay his account to the port office for several times, this action has angered Mr. Burlas enough to report the alleged harassment to the police,” Zamorano’s lawyer said in a written statement.

“(The) Sangali police, on the other hand, having yet to fully investigate the report, prematurelv acted on the accused and planned an entrapment operation for alleged extortion. This was of course dismissed by the prosecutor on the case and merely filed a simple case of ‘Grave Coercion’, “ Zamorano’s lawyer said.

Zamorano is consulting with his lawyer as to what proper charges may be filed against police officers of Sangali for their alleged abuse during his arrest and capture.