New investment officer bullish on Zambo prospects PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 May 2014 11:58

City Investment Officer IV Apple Go expressed optimism towards the city’s investment prospects, citing that it is easier to set up business in Zamboanga where business permits can be given instantly and tax incentives are offered for investments in an investment priority area.

Speaking before members of the media during last Monday’s regular press briefing at City Hall, the newly-appointed head of the Investments and Promotions unit of local government assured the public that her office will take the lead in marketing the city as an emerging investment hub.

Go readily admitted that the overall image of the city should be improved if we want to increase the city’s investment prospects.

“In order for us to attract investors as well as to keep the local investors, we have to show that we are innovative. We have to come up with new programs,” she said, promising to lead a more dynamic investments office that is business-friendly and fosters competition.

“We encourage competition because competition will benefit the consumers.”

Asked to comment on what many perceives as a conflict between the executive and legislative branches of the local government on the issue involving Atro  Mning, Go articulated that taking into consideration an investment’s environmental effects is just as important as keeping an open, competitive and business-friendly investment climate.

“We know that business investment is the backbone of economic activity. Without these investors, we expect that in the long haul, the standard of living (in the city) will be affected,” she shared. “They would have to go through a process and we have to consider the advantages and the disadvantages (of such investments).”

“We are all for investments but the advantages would have to outweigh the disadvantages,” she explained.

Go considered the revival of the city’s Investments and Promotions unit as a restart coinciding with the rebuilding efforts following the September 2013 siege.

While she acknowledges the city’s power crisis is a setback, she is quick to point out that it is a national issue not specific to Zamboanga City alone.

“We have to admit, Zamboanga is still a better place. We are more comfortable here, we have a convenient way of life as compared to other bigger cities,” she said. — Claudine Uniana