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Saturday, 09 April 2011 16:40

A thief wearing an amulet was killed in a shootout with policemen at a containerized van yard along Governor Ramos Avenue, Cabatangan before midnight last Thursday.

The fatality was not immediately identified as he was not carrying any documents in his possession.
A police report disclosed that Nursali Wahid, a security guard, was on duty at the van yard of the Oceanic company when he fell asleep.

Wahid told the police that when he woke up he felt somebody struck a piece of wood on his head.
Wahid immediately grabbed his issued 12 gauge shotgun and fired a warning shot.
He said he spotted two men and opened fire hitting one of them.

The wounded thief managed to hide on a canal while his companion escaped.  At this point, Wahid’s co-security guard who was also detailed on the same compound arrived after he heard the shotgun blasts.

Wahid told his companion to stay in his post while he rushed to the Sta. Maria Police Station to report the incident.

Wahid along with policemen returned to the compound and started searching for the wounded thief.
Wahid and his companion informed the police that the intruder was already wounded and they guided the lawmen to the place where the former hid.

The police tried to convince the intruder to surrender but instead opened fire on them prompting the lawmen to return fire triggering a shootout. A couple of minutes later, the police recovered the body of the suspect with bullet wounds. Also recovered from his possession was a .38 cal. revolver.

During investigation, Wahid recognized the .38 revolver which was recovered from the suspect’s possession as the same gun robbed from his co-security guard during a robbery that took place in same company last year where the thieves stole several cartons of cigarettes.

Police said recovered an amulet from the suspect’s possession, Latin words written in a piece of clothes.—Dan Toribio Jr.