Celso cites Ayala as growth center in city’s West Coast PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 26 May 2014 14:02

District 1 Representative Celso Lobregat the other day said barangay Ayala as the growth center of the west coast citing its constantly increasing population and economic activities.

Citing statistics, Lobregat said in 1995, Ayala’s population was 7,666 while Zamboanga City’s population was placed at 511,000. Five years after in 2000, Ayala’s population grew to 11,323 while the city’s population grew to 601,000.

Seven years after, per Census conducted by the National Statistics Office in 2007, Ayala’s population was rose to 16,922 or double the 1995 population while the city’s population was 774,000. In 2010, the population of Ayala reached 20,096 and the city’s population was 807,000.

“So in a span of five years, from 1995 to 2010, the population of Ayala grew from 7,666 to 20,096 which is 2.6 times your population in 1995”, the District I congressman told Ayala residents last Thursday during the inauguration of a 3-storey 27 classroom building at the Ayala Central School, a project initiated and funded by the city during his term as mayor. “So you can see that in terms of population, Ayala been growing by leaps and bounds”.

Not only in population is barangay Ayala rapidly increasing, he said, citing the businesses and industries sprouting in the area.

“You have two of the biggest canning factories in Ayala which are employing thousands of workers,” the congressman said. These two big companies are the Ayala Seafoods Corporation which produces 555 Sardines and the Universal Canning Corporation which manufactures the Family Brand sardines.

It was because of these plus factors, according to Lobregat that he recommended the opening of banks in Ayala when he was still mayor of the city. “In fact, when I was pushing the banks to open branches outside the 7-kilometer radius, one of the banks, the One Network Bank, asked me where will they open, and so I said Ayala and so they opened a bank here which is  now very beneficial to the residents in the area.”

Aside from Ayala, the then mayor also recommended the opening of a bank branch in Sangali and so the One Network Bank has established a branch in the area and soon will open another branch in barangay Vitali, another fast growing center in the east coast.

Lobregat commended the residents of Ayala for their tenacity and resiliency in making their barangay what it is today despite the numerous challenges. Specifically, he acknowledged he efforts of Ayala barangay chairman Diosterides Librero, who despite the accident that caused his vision and his two legs, remains determined and committed in his aim to move his barangay further forward. — Rey Carbonel