Mayor Beng complies OBM ruling on Pareja PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 07 June 2014 11:10

Mayor Beng Climaco on Tuesday, June 3, issued a memorandum implementing the decision of the Ombudsman-Mindanao on an administrative case filed against Councilor Josephine Pareja by the principal of Talisayan Elementary School three years ago.

The decision, dated March 25, 2014 refers to Case No. OMB-M-A-12-009-A entitled Ronido M. Martinez, complainant versus Josephine Pareja, Barangay Captain, et al, for grave misconduct. Among, others, the decision found respondent Pareja “guilty of grave misconduct and meted the penalty of 6 months suspension without pay.”

The decision also directed the Mayor of Zamboanga City to implement the decision on respondent Pareja within ten days from receipt of the decision and to submit a compliance report to the Office of the Ombudsman-Mindanao, also within 10 days from receipt of the decision.

The mayor’s memorandum was received by Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde on June 5, 2014 and the suspension of Councilor Pareja takes effect on June 6, 2014.

The decision of the Ombudsman is immediately executory as can be gleaned from the decision itself and the city mayor has no direction whatsoever on whether or not to implement the decision, otherwise, she will be subject to disciplinary action by the Ombudsman.

Councilor Pareja can file a Motion for Reconsideration, and if denied, may file a petition for review in the proper court, but such actions will not stop the implementation of the decision.