ARMM to complement WB projects with educational interventions PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 June 2014 11:16

The education department in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao assured to complement World Bank’s school projects in Sulu with interventions needed to hasten the delivery of quality education to the island’s Tausog and Samah school children.

Lawyer Jamar Kulayan, regional secretary of ARMM’s Department of Education, said among the many projects of World Bank in the island province that fascinated him most is a school building with an adjoining stage in Barangay Manilop in Indanan town.

The facilities, launched early this year, are now being used by children and their parents for various activities, including peace dialogues.

Residents of Barangay Manilop are known for their active involvement in traditional peace-building dialogues. They held their meetings in the past in an open field without any structural facility which speakers can use in presiding over discussions on peace and security issues besetting the local community.

The school building, constructed “bayanihan” style by villagers, also has a latrine, according to the government-accredited People’s Organization in Barangay Manilop.

The barangay school building and stage projects were implemented through the cooperation of Manilop residents and the ARMM Social Fund Project (ASFP),which is the conduit of World Bank for its socio-economic projects in the autonomous region.

“The barangay officials in Barangay Manilop are cognizant of the importance of these projects to the community, not just for school children, but for parents as well,” said Darwisa Asjali, ASFP’s municipal facilitator for Indanan.

Asjali said the projects were constructed without hitches or delays owing to the extensive cooperation of villagers, their local government unit and the ASFP.

“There was teamwork in the implementation of the projects,” Asjali pointed out.

Kulayan said the DepEd-ARMM will ensure that adequate teachers are assigned in the barangay to hasten the educational advancement of school children in the area.

The DepEd-ARMM enlisted last May 2014 more than a thousand school teachers to permanent teaching positions in the five provinces of the autonomous region.

“Some of the newly-appointed teachers will be deployed in far-flung areas in Sulu,” Kulayan said.