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Tuesday, 17 June 2014 13:07

The IDB Graduates Association (IGA) Zone IV in partnership with the Office of Sulu Vice Governor Abdusakur M. Tan conducted the Islamic Leadership Training Seminar with the theme “Preparing Future Leaders of Tomorrow Today” on June 12, 2014 at the Sumadja Hall, Provincial Capitol, Bangkal, Patikul, Sulu.

The seminar had brought together participants from MSA Lupah Sug Inc., Nourunnisah Organization, Tausug Active Youth Organization (TAYO) Inc. and Muslim Revert (Balik Islam). More than 80 youth from these different organizations in Sulu attended the whole day Seminar-Workshop with outdoor Team Building activity.

According to the President of IGA Zone IV, Mr. Timothy Ijiran, the project aimed to promote and develop new breed of leaders, not just committed Muslims but also competent professionals.

There were two parts of the programme – the Morning Business Session which is headed by Datu Yldon T. Kiram and the Afternoon Business Session headed by Tuan Gabir H. Kasim, Al-haj. At exactly 8 o’clock in the morning, participants were gathered by the secretariat at the entrance hall for their registration. When everyone were settled, the program began with a recitation from the Noble Qur’an performed by the students from Madrasa Halaqatul Qur’an in Ummul Qura, Indanan, Sulu followed by the National Anthem. The President of IGA Zone IV, Mr. Timothy Ijiran explained the importance and the purpose of conducting the said seminar on his Opening Message. Mr. Fazlur-Rahman A. Abdulla, Executive Director of Sulu Area Coordinating Center (SACC) gave his Welcome Address.  He emphasized to the participants the significance of being conscious in the teachings of Islam, particularly on leadership. A Plaque of Appreciation was given to him by Mr. Timothy Ijiran right after his speech.  Dr. Abdelnazer A. Tagayan, Dean of Islamic Studies at Sulu State College, and facilitator introduced the Participants and Lecturers. Each invited organization was acknowledged together with the presence of the Lecturers, and Guests.

Afterwards, Engr. Barjunaid T. Amilasan began the first lecture on the topic of “Project Proposal Making”. He explained briefly the procedures and techniques on how to make the proposed project and look the way it should be. This section allows participants to use their critical thinking on creating project proposal. For learning application, all the participants were grouped into six for their workshop activity. They were tasked to make their own project proposal and their presentation of the outputs onwards. The six Proposed Projects by the members were, (1) Islamic Scholarship Program from Group 1 with the objective of providing free Islamic Education preferably Madrasa Scholarship grants. (2) Health Education on Malarial Risks Production in Bus-Bus, group 2 with their objective of promoting health wellness and disease prevention in Barangay Bus-Bus about the rampant malarial disease. (3) Federation of Youth Professionals from Group 3 with their objective of Maximizing Proper Disposal of Garbage and Promoting Clean and Green Environment around Bus-Bus area. (4) Islamic Women Center from group 1 and 3 both has the same Proposed Project with the objective of Educating Women regarding the Rules of Islam. (5) Proper Waste Management and help them secure the Community in preventing future problems that will exist. Engr. Barjunaid T. Amilasan studied each of their Project Proposals and he gave them his comments on how to enhance more their works.

The second session began with the Team Building activity at the Capitol Gym. It is a Mummy Making activity where all members were tasked to make a Mummy out of a tissue paper. They were grouped into three and were given 3 minutes to finish the job.   Each team must sell their product to the three Judges. Team A and C won the activity with 9 points followed by the Team B with 6 points. After the team building activity, everyone gathered again at the Sumadja Hall for the Lecture 2 given by Alim Abdurajak S. Alhari on the topic of “Aqeedatus Saleeha fil Islam” (Truthful Belief in Islam) followed by Lecture 3 on the topic of “Islamic Leadership” presented by Tuan Yahya N. Titong.

An Inspirational Message was given by Alim Sharif Jul Asiri J. Abirin, Mufti of Sulu to enlighten the minds of youth today. After his message, Distribution of Certificates and Plaques followed. The Leadership Pledge was led by Tuan Yahya N. Titong.  Selected participants from different organizations were given the chance to give a testimonial message. Nur-in M. Hapas, for the Nourunnisah Organization, Zadiqueyah J. Hajihil, for the MSA Lupah Sug Inc., and Analyn Acierto, for the Muslim Revert (Balik Islam) she extended their gratitude for making the said seminar possible. An inspiring learning experience was built in everyone’s mind and they will bring it with them. The Tausug Active Youth Organization (TAYO) Inc. representative, Aljiber I. Ismael, left a simple quotation, “If you want to build a strong team, use the right clue and the right clue we have is trust.”  Unfortunately, Hon. Abdusakur M. Tan, Vice Governor of Sulu was out of town due to some equally important appointment.  He was represented by Mr. Habir Misah, OIC Provincial Board Secretary.

Mr. Timothy Ijiran ended the program with his closing message.  He further informed the participants that the training seminar is a continuous process for them.  There are follow through activities that would provide them opportunity to apply their potentials and leadership skills that they have learned during the training.  They would be given a chance to participate in various Community Development Projects (CDPs) that would become a venue for them to determine the impact of the Islamic Leadership Training Seminar with outdoor Team Building activity.  Tuan Gabir H. Kasim, Al-haj led the short dua.

This activity is the first project in partnership between the IDB Graduates Association (IGA) Zone IV and the Office of the Vice Governor, Hon. Abdusakur M. Tan in its collective efforts to support the shared vision for Sulu communities enjoying Peace, Justice and Prosperity while seeking the pleasure of Allah SWT by molding potential active youth leaders imbued with desirable Islamic values as the next servant Muslim leaders.  In Sha Allah (God willing).