Estranged hubby tagged as behind killing of hotel owner PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 20 June 2014 11:44

Police have tagged the estranged husband of Hadja Salwa Julwadi, owner of Hotel Salwa who was killed on June 12,as the alleged mastermind of the gunslaying that also wounded the hotel’s security guard along Gov. Camins Avenue.

A police report quoted Ernesto Bello Jr. and Silbert Villareal, who were arrested almost immediately after the shooting of the hotel owner on Independence Day, to have said in an extra judicial confession that they were hired by Roselier Francisco y Bellas alias “Piong”, married, of Barangay Curuan and Joseph Falcasantos y Lacastesantos of Latuan, to kill Julwadi.

Furthermore, Bello and Villareal said that Kamman who was known to them as Amah of Arena Blanco was the alleged principal mastermind of the killing as he was reportedly the one who hired Francisco and Falcasantos to look for gun-for-fire to assassinate his former wife. Before the killing, Julwadi and Kamman had been separated for nine years.

Police said the extra judicial confession of Bello and Villareal was made in the presence of their legal counsel Atty. Manuel Wee Sit IV.

The relentless investigation into Julwadi;s gunslay was carried out by men of the Central Police Station’s Investigation Section under Sr. Insp. Arlan Delumpines.

During an inquest proceeding, police have recommended to the city prosecutor office to file murder charges for the death of Julwadi and frustrated murder for the wounding of Michael Testa, a security guard of Salwa Hotel, against Bello and Villareal. The duo availed of the 15-day waiver and were detained again at the city police office.

The same police report said the same charges were forwarded to the city prosecutor office against Kamman, Falcasantos and Francisco. They are still at large as of press time.

Bello who was armed with a .357 cal. revolver and Villareal with a .45 caliber pistol entered Salwa Hotel on June 12 and shot Julwadi while she was at the hotel lobby.

Testa tried to fight, but was also shot by Villareal in the right shoulder.

Bello and Villareal quickly left the hotel leaving behind their Honda XRM motorcycle owned by Anastacio Vidad of Curuan after Julwadi’s current husband returned fire.

Bello and Villareal ran towards Canelar Moret where they were arrested by barangay tanods and other officials, who turned them over to the police. – Dan Toribio Jr.