Hostage in Sulu beheaded? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 21 June 2014 13:08

Authorities were trying to verify yesterday an unconfirmed intelligence report that Abu Sayyaf gunmen have beheaded one of two hostages who was earlier reported to have been wounded when Marines and police troopers clashed with the Moro militants in Patikul, Sulu.

An unconfirmed intelligence report disclosed that Remegio Lingayan, a plumber who was abducted together with his brother-in-law Joselito Gonzales by Abu Sayyaf gunmen on June 4, was hit by shrapnels when pursuing Marines and police troopers tried to rescue him during which a fierce gunbattle erupted in Patikul.

Quoting troops on the ground, the intelligence report said the Abu Sayyaf could not provide medication to Lingayan who was wounded in the encounter, hence they decided to behead him so as not to affect their movement.

Lingayan and Joselito Gonzales, both residents of Zamboanga City, were working on a construction project in Sulu when they were seized by Abu Sayyaf gunmen Indanan, a neighboring town of Patikul.

His captors later demanded P7 million ransom for his freedom.

Before the beheading, Lingayan’s neighbors in the village of Tumaga, Zamboanga City had initiated a fund raising activity to help raise the amount that was demanded by the Abu Sayyaf.

On Thursday, Lingayan’s wife showed two empty plastic bottles containing small peso bills and coins that were donated by friends and neighbors.

Another conflicting unconfirmed report disclosed that it was Gonzales who was mortally wounded when the soldiers clashed with his Abu Sayyaf captors.

Lingayan’s wife Analiza said on Wednesday that the Abu Sayyaf has issued a 10-day ultimatum to behead their hostages if they fail to pay the ransom that was reduced to P3 million.

Lingayan disclosed the ultimatum when she personally called up a local station of Brigada News FM Thursday appealing to the local government and the Sulu provincial government to help them secure the freedom of victims.

Analiza said the kidnappers called her up Wednesday and imposed the ultimatum for them to raise the amount of ransom before June 29 and warned to execute their hostages before Ramadan.

“Tumawag sila kahapon at ibinaba na ang kanilang ransom demand ng P3 million pero nagbigay sila ng 10- day ultimatum dahil kung hindi daw mabigay ang hiling nila puputulin nila ng ulo ang aking asawa at kasama niya,” Mrs. Lingayan said.

The kidnappers have originally demanded  P20 nillion and decreased their demand to P7 million after the victims’ families said they have no such money.

Mrs. Lingayan said she also contacted the contractor where her husband was working but was told they could not pay the ranson.

The military’s Western Mindanao Command based in Zamboanga disclosed that the Abu Sayyaf under Sub-Leader Hairula Asbang suffered 10 deaths, while seven Marines were killed in the encounter. Twenty four other soldiers were wounded.

Military said most of the slain and wounded soldiers were hit by shrapnels when Abu Sayyaf militants shelled them with 81mm mortar.

As a result, the ASG suffered at least 10 casualties with one body recovered, while the government suffered seven killed and 24 wounded.

“The Marines were conducting follow-on law enforcement operations in coordination with the Philippine National Police to locate and neutralize Abu Sayyaf guerrillas when the encounter happened,” the military report said.

Six of those killed were identified as SSgt. Efren Manayon, Sgt. Marvin Casarcero, Cpl. Randy Morada, Cpl Jose Mano Moron, Sgt. Randy Reyes,  Sgt. Dexter Buntia,

The wounded were SSgt. Ramil Estives, Sgt. Art John Narag, SSgt, Christopher Animo, Sgt. Rodrigo Jugo, SSgt.Renie  Damaso, Cpl. Gerardo Baserra, Sgt. Eufrocino Payumo Jr., Sgt. Mike Tobias, Cpl. Allan Banquiran, Cpl. Leo  Bucug, Cpl. Alvin Layaguin, Cpl. Jeffrey Cabarruibias, Cpl. Erico Ubalde . — Allen Abastills