Concurso de banda highlights chabacano founding fete PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 23 June 2014 16:56

Sixteen local amateur bands will battle it out for the title in the “Concurso de Banda” set at 7 tonight (June 23) at Paseo del Mar, highlighting the 3rd Dia de Fundacion de Chabacano celebration.

Primarily aimed to promote chabacano language through a musical competition, the band tilt will have P10, 000 for the first prize, P7, 000 for the second prize and P5, 000 for the third prize.  Non winners will receive a consolation prize of P2, 000.

The Dia de Fundacion Chabacano activities will kick off at 8am today coinciding with the flag raising ceremony of City Government employees in front of City Hall. Local and national government agencies, city officials and department heads, barangays, schools and other organizations are expected to participate in the event.

The ceremonies will be keynoted by City Mayor Beng Climaco who, along with Councilor VP Elago, author of Ordinance 374, will be delivering an inspirational message. Meanwhile, City Administrator Jun Orendain Jr will lead the local officials and City Hall employees in the Juramiento de Un Empleado de Govierno.

By virtue of Ordinance 374, the 23rd of June is officially recognized as the Dia de Fundacion de Chabacano in Zamboanga City, and celebrates the founding of the Chabacano language, one of the foundations of the Zamboangueño culture. This is the third year since the Ordinance has been implemented.

The Chabacano language traces its roots to the laying of the first cornerstone of the Fort Pilar on June 23, 1635. Chabacano was “borne out of necessity of an admixture of tribes, races and culture and out of it evolved a distinct language that is predominantly Spanish in origin with at least 60% Espanol and 40% native words and survived to this very day.”

Meanwhile, criteria for judging  in the concurso de banda include musicality- 60%, technique and accuracy- 30% and stage presence and audience impact- 10%. There will be 3 judges set for the competition. The decision of the judges will be final and binding to all participants.

Other objectives of the contest are to provide an avenue of exposures for local amateur bands for the enhancement of their talents and to showcase the best amateur bands in the city with their original chabacano compositions which should revolve on the theme “Chabacano: The Official Language of Zamboanga City.”  — Sheila Covarrubias