Celso hits back at critics on Bangsamoro brouhaha PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 23 June 2014 16:57

District 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat has brushed off politics as behind his scheduled appearance at the City Council to speak on new developments on the controversial Bangsamoro Framework Agreement (BFA).

Lobregat accused his critics as the ones politicizing the issue.

In a long distance phone interview, Lobregat said,  in informing Zamboanguenos about the intricacies of such framework agreement, “no amount of politics has ever come across my mind”.

Lobregat was reacting to pronouncements of his critics, especially, some minority councilors who earlier said the solon might just grandstand and politicize the Bangsmoro issue, which they claim to be after all, already known to the public.

Explaining for his negative vote to a resolution inviting Lobregat to talk about the Bangsamor issue in a forthcoming City Council regular session, District 1 Councilor Melchor Ray Sadain asked, “what is he going to do here, use this august body’s time to do an ‘epal’?”.

District 2 Councilor Rommel Agan claimed that the Bangsamoro issue has already been expounded by the congressman in a recent annual general membership assembly meeting of Zamcelco

On the other hand, District 1 Councilor Cesar Jimenez Jr., another known Lobregat foe, cautioned his colleagues against inviting the solon, as “it might be inevitable for some of us here to debate with him and he might feel embarrassed about it”.

But Lobregat said, “the opinions expressed by these minority councilors do not reflect the true feelings of Zamboanguenos and other concerned individuals, who ought to know further about the unexplained version of the comprehensive Bangsamoro agreement”.

He further said that “what these (minority) councilors do, is to always watch every move I make, even if it is beneficial to many, and inject politics on it”.

By a vote of 8 against 6, the 1st district representative is due to pursue with his hotly-debated  dialogue with the city’s legislature on July 1 regular session.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway for such dialogue.

Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde has affirmed that all sectors have been invited to listen to Congressman Lobregat’s piece.

Iturralde confirmed that “no less than Isabela City Mayor Cherilyn Santos-Akbar called me, and expressed her interest to come here with her councilors, to listen to Congressman Lobregat”.

The vice mayor said that inviting all sectors in the said dialogue was the city councilors’ idea, which they pushed through a resolution in last Tuesday’s Council session.

If all those invited would appear, Iturralde said, “it may not be far-fetched that the congressman would address a crowd, similar to those of state of the city reports (SOCR) of the city mayor, which is  widely-covered by the media.” — Philip Abuy